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Even though you have a key hire to make you still have a business to run. We know what we're doing. Our skills are in identifying and attracting the right talent for your business or portfolio. We will run the process end to end, provide you with regular updates and most importantly only introduce you to the right candidates to meet your needs.


For us a client relationship is a partnership. Often we are the first point of contact that a candidate has with your company and first impressions count. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our ethics and our ability to make connections beyond recruitment with advisors, private equity firms and potential customers and clients for your business.


We have spent a decade building relationships with senior executives, entrepreneurs, advisors and private equity firms in the UK mid market. We're always looking for ways to add value to our clients by making soft introductions that we feel may be of use to you. Perhaps a potential investor, a potential client or even an acquisition target.


As a small privately owned consultancy we're much more flexible than most in the way we can structure our fees to reflect the circumstances of an  appointment. That could mean spreading the cost of an appointment over a longer period of time to ease cashflow pressures or collecting our appointment fee in the deal fees of a new investment. We always take the long view and are here to support you.

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