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  • Frank Suhadolnik

D-RISK - Solving the big problem facing autonomous vehicles

Edge cases are the countless tricky or hazardous vehicle scenarios which are individually unlikely, but together make up all the risk on the road. If we can retrain AVs to contend with all the crazy things humans can throw at them, normal driving will become a walk in the park. Or as engineers put it “build for edge cases and get the center cases for free.”

Using an unprecedented scale and variety of data and patented AI, dRISK has assembled and mapped out out the whsiole space of edge cases into a knowledge graph of scenarios (like Google's knowledge graph of the internet, but in this case, of the real world).

Brightbridge were asked by the private equity backers behind D-Risk's most recent investment round to identify a non-executive chairman to support the development of the business.

Tony Stockham was appointed from our network. Tony has a unique skillset, an experienced commercial executive and entrepreneur who can also code!

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