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  • Frank Suhadolnik

Brightbridge's Recent Appointments:

Foresight Group's Portfolio company's:

  • Callen Lenz - were delighted to welcome Victor Chavev as Chair in 2021.

  • Brightbridge were thrilled to successfully complete four multiple placements over the past 3 yrs with Foresight backed Freeflow Technologies, David Hemming (CEO), Andrew Pollock (Chief Engineer), David Milton (Director of Finance and Operations) and Ralph Kirkwood (Director of Procurement).

  • Children's Furniture Company Chair - Derek Lovelock (2021)

  • D-Risk - Chair - Tony Stockham (2022)

Maven Capital's portfolio company:

  • Sypro - Chairman - Paul Hughes (2021)

LDC's portfolio company:

  • Cardel welcomed Chair Keith Rollins (2021)

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